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How to Video Your Ride:

1.  Rides must be videotaped from “C” and in horizontal or landscape mode with a view of as much of the arena as possible.

2. Please zoom to the far end of arena, but ensure the judge can see where the rider is in relationship to the arena. This is to ensure the judge can evaluate size and shape of circles and other figures.

3. Sound must be on to ensure no coaching is occuring during the test.  

4. Arena and arena letters must be clearly marked.

5.  Standard or small arena is acceptable.  Any safe footing is allowed.

6.  Tests may be called, but NO coaching allowed during the test.

7.  Riders must salute (if required by the test) at the beginning of the test and at the end of the test.

8.  Freestyle:  Music must be clearly heard on the video.

9.  Leadline & Equitation:  Horse and rider combination must show at least 20 meters of each gait required at the level, in each direction, including upward and downward transitions, and a halt facing "C".

10.  Videos that are poor quality (shaking, unsteady, not showing full arena, etc...) may not be accepted.

11.  Upload your video to YouTube and clearly label your video using the following naming convention:

First Name + Last Name + Horse Name + Test Level + Test Number

Examples:  "Charlotte Dujardin Valegro First Level Test 3"
"Jane Smith Rusty WD Level 1 Test 3"

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Founded in 1981, Alamo Dressage Association (ADA) is a non-profit, charter Group Member Organization of the United States Dressage Federation. Our purpose is to promote dressage interest, knowledge, training and competition. Although concerned primarily with dressage, we welcome any type of horse or rider, regardless of individual aims.

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